cholino chlorido

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CAS Nr 67-48-1

Struktūra: HOCH2CH2N (CH3) 3CL

Molekulinė formulė: C5H14ClNO

Molekulinė masė: 139,63

  • Minimalus užsakymas Kiekis: 1000kgs
  • Prievadas: Qingdao / SHANGHAI / Huangpu
  • Mokėjimo sąlygos: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T / West Union, Moneygram
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    Feed Additives Cholino chloridas 60% Corn Cob Promote Nutrition for Animal

    trumpas pristatymas Choline chloride, it is the essential component of lecithin in the body of human being and animals. It is generally classified as a Vitamin B-complex. Choline occurs in man-made in the form of choline chloride, it is a Vitamin that can easily soluble in water.

    It is very important for the nutrition and growth Of the animals.Because young animals cannot synthesize choline.

    funkcijos prevent the accumulation of fat in livers and kidneys and avoid its pathological changes. enhance the health of animals and to improve its ability to anti-illness increase the growth rate and laying rate to increase the survival rate of baby pig. increase the growth and survival rate of fish and promote its propagation ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system of animals

    produktų sąrašas

    50% cholino chlorido (kukurūzų burbuolės arba silicio dioksido)

    60% cholino chlorido (kukurūzų burbuolės arba silicio dioksido)

    70% cholino chlorido (skystis arba silicio dioksido)

    75% cholino chlorido (skystis)

    98% cholino chlorido (kristalų)


    for solid products, normally packed in 25kgs multi-poly craft paper bags.

    Dėl skysčio, pakavimo yra 200L plastikinių ar Plieninių statinių.




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