Sodium bicarbonate

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    Sodium bicarbonate, a white crystalline powder, is soluble in water and weak alkaline.

    I. Mechanism of Function

    1. Sodium bicarbonate can neutralize stomach acid to dissolve mucus, reduce the viscosity of digestive juices, and strengthen the contraction of the gastrointestinal , acid suppression and increase appetite.

    2. Feed supplemented with sodium bicarbonate in order to give supplement for carbonate caused by the heat respiration,thereby improving the body’s calcium metabolism.

    3. Sodium bicarbonate can be maintained at optimum phosphorus level which is necessary to form eggshell.

    4. Sodium bicarbonate in the digestive tract biodegradable emit CO2, thus take away a lot of heat, conducive to the heat balance of the body to resist hot.

    5. To add sodium bicarbonate in Feed, can provide the source of sodium, so that the blood to maintain a suitable concentration of sodium.

    II. Uses in Livestock Feed

    1, pig feed

    Add in the diets of fattening pigs, weight gain, reduce the consumption of feed; the sows milk production will be increased, the indicators are better, piglet survival rate increases and significant weight is gained.

    2, layer feed

    Adding sodium bicarbonate to the feed can significantly reduce the incidence of the chicken, also will have a significant effect carcass grade and weight gain. Especially hot summer, add sodium bicarbonate to get the role of complement carbonate ions, increase egg production rate, and effectively improve eggshell quality.

    3 broiler

    Sodium bicarbonate added to chicken feed, have significant effects on broiler carcass grade and weight gain, also  reduce mortality and reduce the incidence of ascites & gizzard erosion, avoid mortality caused by heatstroke.

    4. Cattle and sheep feed

    Sodium bicarbonate for ruminant animals has a cushioning effect, it not only can neutral pH neutral, balance beneficial microbial, enhance the digestion of cellulose and other carbohydrate, thus increasing the amount of feed in the rumen, enhance the appetite, but also can resistance the hot summer, improve milk yield, prevent abortion, promoting nurturing cattle, sheep growth.

    5. Thermal stress: high summer temperatures likely to cause chicken metabolic acid poisoning, adding a sufficient amount of sodium bicarbonate in the feed can eliminate this effect, and to balance the blood buffer.

    6. Maintain the acid-base balance of the body: the chicken acid-base balance of the body is mainly dependent on the buffer system to adjust, while sodium bicarbonate is the most important part to form a buffer system.

    Specification: as follows:

    ITEMS Index Result
    Appearance White granules yes
    Whiteness >85% 90
    Loss on drying ≤0.2% 0.08%
    PH value ≤8.6 8.2
    As ≤0.0001% pass
    Pb ≤0.0005% pass
    NH4 (PPM)  ≤20PPM  8
    Clarity  Meet the requirement pass
    sodium carbonate max 1% 0.5%
    NaCl with Cl content max 0.40% 0.08%
    Heavy metals  max.5 ppm 4ppm
    Fe max.5 ppm 4ppm
    Dioxin  0  0
    Total alkali conten(calculated as NaHCO3) min. 99.0% 99.5%

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