The number of infected people has exceeded 210,000. What kind of challenges does the United States face in the epidemic?

According to real-time statistical data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:30 on April 2, Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world has exceeded 930,000, reaching 932605. Among them, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 210,000, reaching 213,372, making it the first country in the world with more than 200,000 confirmed cases.

上 At a news conference on Tuesday, the White House expects 100,000 to 240,000 people in the United States to die from new crown pneumonia. According to the American media, as the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States is intensifying, supplies are exhausted, testing capabilities cannot keep pace with the spread of the epidemic, medical staff may soon face a “life and death choice” … Now the United States is facing a series of increasingly difficult challenge.

↑ On Wednesday, emergency personnel were replacing sheets on a stretcher after taking patients to a New York hospital. According to the “New York Times” ↑ On Wednesday, emergency staff were replacing the sheets on a stretcher after taking patients to a New York hospital. According to the New York Times
The U.S. government reserves are almost empty

With more than 83,000 confirmed cases in New York State, the shortage of medical systems and supplies is becoming increasingly serious. “Really, at this point, our only hope is to rely on the federal government to provide supplies,” New York Governor Cuomo told a news conference on Wednesday.

However, according to the New York Times on April 1, a U.S. government official revealed that although state governors are still begging the federal government to provide protective equipment for desperate hospital staff, Emergency storage for medical protective equipment is close to emptying.

The official said that to date, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has distributed more than 11.6 million N95 masks, 5.2 million face shields, 22 million pairs of gloves, and 7,140 ventilators. Exhausted emergency reserves. The remaining small piece of personal protective equipment reserved for federal government emergency responders. Although no more personal protective equipment is left for states, the senior official said the government still has more than 9,400 ventilators available.

Post time: Apr-02-2020
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