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A few years ago, when Luke Lana and Alex Cole first met at the University of Wisconsin-Prattville Student Gymnasium, they never thought of this friendship Will develop into an enterprise. The rat, who called himself a gymnasium, was studying engineering at the time, but the common complaints about the chalky consistency of protein supplements and the frightening ingredient list provided young people with different career options.
Lana said: “The gears are always turning, and we are always thinking,’How do we do our own things, invent something and become our own boss?’” His girlfriend at the time (now his wife) despised from Take out large chunks of protein from the blender bottle and like to mix the mixed seasoning with fresh fruit and vegan milk at home. This gave Lana an idea.
He said: “We realize that no one is really creating a healthy, natural, fast and easy protein supplement.” “We think of bringing products to the market, developing products by ourselves, creating flavors and packaging…really It’s cool… and it took us about a year.”
Lana and Cole worked quickly and set up their own e-commerce store on April 15-posted on the thick paper of COVID-19. Regardless, this new company relies on six unique flavors of The pre-packaged Blend Protein smoothie made its mark. People can order a pack of six to twelve smoothies for delivery, and since then, the company has filled the aisles of Madison’s HyVees and Fresh Market.
Just as a booming company like Uber developed during the 2008 recession, Lana hopes that their unique mission is to make healthy living at home easier, which will help Blend in low-protein, high-priced products stand out.
He said: “It was a very scary time, but we are ready to go… we don’t want to sit down.” “We have a lot of inventory, and we know people are starting to lose the ability to go to the gym, so this is an introduction in your home Ideal timing for products that can be taken with a blender.”
However, Blend is not only suitable for marathon runners or deadlift competitors. (And this is definitely not a typical smoothie bag.)
These supplements are designed to be integrated into your daily life, even without milk, each flavor can pack at least 12 grams of protein. Because whey protein tends to cause bloating or dullness (not to mention that many protein powders are allergen nightmares), all Blend products use pea protein and high-quality fruits and vegetables.
Lana recommends that people try the peanut butter peel flavor made from almond or oat milk first-are bananas, blueberries and cocoa nibs unpopular? -But experimenting with liquid and packaging combinations is undoubtedly the fun part.
Although many vegetarians advocate the use of a combination of “rich green food” and “coconut water”, Lana said that regular milk is also good. His secret favorite? Hazelnut butter-banana, coconut and oatmeal-is based on coffee. It is expected that a new highlight will be released next month, raspberry mousse, you can choose up to 7 delicious pea protein mixtures.
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Post time: Oct-14-2020
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