L-lysine sulphate 70% feed grade

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CAS No:56-87-1

Einecs No:200-294-2


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This product is got from NON GMO corn. Colorless crystal substance, odorless, bitter sweet; soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and diethyl ether; Widely used in the animal feed industry.




  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000kgs
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    1.Improve meat quality, meat factor.

    2.Improve the use efficiency of feed protein, reduce consumption of crude protein

    3.Lysine is a fodder nutrition enhancer with function for improving appetite of beasts and birds, disease resistance, wound healing, meat quality and enhancing gastric secretion. It is an essential material for compounding cranial nerve, germ cell, protein and hemoglobin.

    4.Avoid piglet scours, reduce feeding cost and improve economic returns.

    5.Lysine is a kind of human essential amino acid. It can enhance hematologist function, gastric secretion, improve use efficiency of protein, increase disease resistance, keep metabolic balance and be in favor of children body and intelligence development.


    Name Fodder Grade 70%L_ Lysine Sulphate
    Voluntary Standards Q/JYM 003-2007
    Raw Material Starch milk, corn steep liquor, hydro chloric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium sulphate, etc.

    Product Index


    Sensory index Brown or dune powder, taste free or slight feature flavor, solublein water, insoluble in alcohol and ether





    L-lysine content (dry basis),% ≥51.0
    PH value 3.0~6.0
    Loss on drying,% ≤3.0
    Ammonium salt,% ≤1.0
    Ignition residue,% ≤4.0
    Arsenic,% ≤0.0002
    Lead,% ≤0.002
    Granularity(0.5mm-1.5mm),% ≥90
    Purpose Used as feedstuff additive for pigs and poultry
    Package 25kgpolypropylene woven bag and polyethylene inner membrane bag
    Shelf Life 24 months
    Storage Conditions Store it in the original packaging bag at a cool and dry place with good ventilation

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