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Product name
ammonium bicarbonate
Total alkali NH4HCO3 wt%
क्लोराइड क्लोरीन भार% अधिकतम
Total Alkali(Quality Fraction of NaHCO3 Dry Basis) %
Sulphate SO4 wt% max
ऐश भार% अधिकतम
भार% अधिकतम के रूप में
भारी धातुओं Pb भार% अधिकतम
in the shade

  • Min.order मात्रा: 1000kgs
  • पोर्ट: क़िंगदाओ / शंघाई / षुआंगबू
  • भुगतान की शर्तें: एल / सी, डी / ए, डी / पी, टी / टी / पश्चिम यूनिअन, मनीग्राम
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    Hot Selling High Quality 1066-33-7 food grade best price ammonium bicarbonate
    Products Description
    food grade best price ammonium bicarbonate
        Used as nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for all kinds of soils, can provide ammonium nitrogen and carbon dioxide required for crop growth, but low in nitrogen content and easy to agglomerate
        Used as a high-grade starter for food. It can be used as a raw material for a leavening agent such as bread, biscuits and pancakes in combination with sodium hydrogencarbonate, and is also used as a raw material for foamed powdered juice. It is also used for blanching of green vegetables, bamboo shoots, etc., as well as medicines and reagents.

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