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Adsorbed betaine is an efficient methyl donor, which can replace methionine and choline.

It plays a key role in the methylation of protein and fat metabolism in livestock and poultry.

Epiphyllum adsorptive betaine is produced by adsorbing pure betaine on carrier by special process. Epiphyllum adsorptive betaine is designed according to the efficacy ratio of substituting methionine.


1. Main Functions : It can be used as an alternative to methionine or as a single additive.

(1) Providing methyl for the growth of livestock and poultry;

(2) Maintaining intestinal function and improving the efficacy of anti-coccidial drugs;

(3) Regulating osmotic pressure, promoting growth, increasing laying rate, reducing diarrhea in weaned piglets, and increasing feed intake in weaning stage;

(4) Enhance fat metabolism, reduce abdominal fat rate, improve lean meat rate of livestock and poultry, and improve carcass quality;

(5) aquatic food attractants; enhance the ability of fish and shrimp to resist osmotic pressure shock and reduce mortality;

(6) Stabilizing vitamins in feed, improving feed utilization rate and reducing feed cost;

2. Product characteristics: light yellow powder, more than 30-60 meshes, with good dispersibility.

3. Component content of the product: Betaine and other active ingredients content is not less than 30%.

4. Recommended additions: kg/t (full price)

(1) When methionine is substituted (according to the ratio of 1:1 substitution), it can replace 20% – 60% of methionine in feed.

(2) When used as an additive alone: 0.2-1 kg/ton of livestock and poultry in the full-price feed and 1-3 kg/ton of aquatic animals.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000kgs
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