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Wholesale Discount Ultramarine Blue For Pencils - Montorillonite – Huge Roc Detail:



Montmorillonite is a layered structure, crystalline silicate clay mineral, Nano montmorillonite has a large specific surface area, can greatly improve the adsorption capacity, adsorption effect is 3 times more than common montmorillonite.

Montmorillonite is a good feed additive which has significant effect for off-mildew.

Feed mycotoxin contamination and the harm caused by it always are ignored by farmers, and easily confused with other diseases.

Adding montmorillonite has become the first choice for off-mildew in large-scale feed production. And Many experients shows that, montmorillonite has very good result to erase the following mycotoxins:




Ergot toxins

Fusarium moniliforme Toxin

Montmorillonite can balance the feed element and reduce lead & pesticide content in the feed

High Lead level in feed, directly or indirectly affects the growth of animals, and ultimately affect people’s health through the food chain. Therefore, the control of lead in feed is especially important. 0.5% montmorillonite in the diets can significantly reduce lead-induced damage, and significantly reduce the lead content in the pig whole blood, brain, liver, kidney, bone and hair and other organizations. The results showed that the montmorillonite has potential therapeutic effects of lead poisoning.

Montmorillonite can substitute for antibiotics in treatment of diarrhea

Adding antibiotic into the beginning feed or supplement, in order to reduce the intestinal damage, prevention of the occurrence of diarrhea. But continued use of antibiotics usually cause resistance and residues in livestock finally do harmful to human health.

Nano-montmorillonite, a new mineral Pharmacy, device for the treatment of livestock diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery, it has no drug residues, no hormones, no drug resistance, efficacy and stability, non-toxic. Effective adsorption to E. Coil, cholera vibrio , Campylobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus and rotavirus and bile salts, repair and improve the function of the gastrointestinal mucosa, improve the defense ability to causative factors. It can completely solve the problem of antibiotic resistance and residues.

Montmorillonite is effective for various causes diarrhea.

The montmorillonite can substitute zinc oxide to treat diarrhea

Zinc Oxide is originally used for anti-diarrhea. Zinc overdose adversely on the absorption of copper, iron, high zinc can cause secondary deficiency of iron, copper, and anemia. Adding high doses of inorganic zinc will result in a waste of resources and residues, and cause environmental pollution. Nano-montmorillonite can completely replace the zinc oxide. Montmorillonite without the side effects of zinc oxide, has better performance on growth speed, feed conversion.

The montmorillonite can reduce livestock stress response

feeding nano-montmorillonite diet 3 days in advance the young animals to separate, can reduce the stress response caused by frighten during the catch, can also reduce stress transport defecation.

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