Sodium benzoate

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CAS No.:532-32-1


EINECS No.: E211



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    About Sodium Benzoate

    Sodium Benzoate, also known as benzoic acid, it is also known as Sodium Benzoate sodium benzoin. E211 is insoluble in water at room temperature in air (especially the hot air) in the micro-volatile, hygroscopic, about room temperature 0.34g/100ml; but soluble in hot water; soluble in ethanol, chloroform and non-volatile oil. In the use of multi-use Sodium Benzoate; acid and E211 and corrosion resistance traits are similar. E211 mostly white granules, odorless or slight benzoin smell, taste sweet, with convergence; soluble in water (room temperature) 53.0g/100ml around, PH of 8 or so; E211 is the acid preservatives in the alkaline medium no bactericidal, antibacterial; Sodium Benzoate corrosion is the best PH 2.5-4.0, when the 5% solution PH5.0 bactericidal effect is not very good. E211 lipophilic large, easy to penetrate the cell membrane into the cell body, interference with membrane permeability, Sodium Benzoate can inhibit the absorption of amino acids the cell membrane; into cells in vivo acidification of intracellular ionized alkaline reserve, and inhibit cell respiration enzyme activity, to prevent condensation of acetyl coenzyme A, Sodium Benzoate to play the purpose of food preservation.

    Sodium Benzoate synthesis:

    By the toluene in the presence of cobalt naphthenate catalyst to air oxidation system to take the first acid, then acid as raw materials, each with sodium bicarbonate, active carbon, then the results of filtration, drying, crushing obtained Sodium Benzoate.

    Sodium Benzoate for oral liquid pharmaceutical preservatives, Sodium Benzoate sour to prevent deterioration and prolong shelf life effects, Sodium Benzoate human liver would be too much the amount of harm, and even cancer, according to GB2760-1996 national health standards in the meat may not be used in the food system, Sodium Benzoate.

    Item : Specification–BP98/E211/FCC IV (granular and powder)

    Name : Sodium Benzoate

    Formula : C7H5O2Na

    Solubility : Colorless and transparent solution

    Appearance : White crystalline powder or granule

    Assay : 99%-100.5%

    Loss on drying : 1.5% max

    Acidity Alkalinity : 0.2ml/g max

    Chloride : 0.02% max

    Heavy metals (as Pb) : 0.001% max

    Arsenic : 3 ppm max

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