An Innovative Fruit Source Sweetener

According to Innova’s trend report, sugar reduction is still the new product development direction in 2019 and beyond. How to produce the best flavor solution for sugar substitution has become the focus of food and beverage enterprises.


Fruitlift, owned by Gat Foods, Israel, is a fruit-based sweetener solution that replaces refined sugar in ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals. Fruitlift is a natural liquid sweetener consisting of 90% fruit ingredients that are injected into the flour mixture of expanded grains to replace sugar. The biggest challenge for this product is to integrate the solution into the dried product to enhance sweetness without reducing the crisp texture of any grain. This ingredient can be prepared into any type of flour mixture, in which no anti-caking agent is needed to bring cereal food to consumers in a “more natural and healthy” way.


Ready-to-eat cereals as a healthy breakfast, consumers want to be able to minimize the sugar, but do not change the sweeter taste. Although artificial and natural sweeteners have been tried by grain brands in the past, Fruitlift’s advantage is that it does not have the same aftertaste as other sweeteners. Grain containing Fruitlift has a milder sweetness than grain using refined sugar as sweetener. Hila Bentman, Gat Foods International Brand Manager, further emphasized the difference between Fruitlift and other fruit sweeteners. “There are many grains on the market with fruit coatings, but they still contain relatively large amounts of refined sugar. Our fruit base is designed to penetrate the whole puffed grain as a complete substitute for refined sugar. ”


Fruitlift, as an innovative fruit sweetener formula, contains natural plant fibers and has a variety of flavors to choose from. It provides natural sweetness and different fruit flavors for cereals, as well as apple, banana, mango, citrus and pineapple flavors. In addition, the sweetness level can be adjusted according to customers’preferences, and can be used as an internal matrix or surface coating. Gat Foods recommends adding Fruitlift at 15% to achieve a “pleasant, mild sweetness”. Although Fruitlift is primarily developed for the breakfast cereal industry, the company is working to develop more food applications related to Fruitlift.


After its launch in March, Gat Foods is in the next stage of its marketing strategy, and is opening a new plant to simplify Fruitlift’s integration with various breakfast cereal applications and to fully assess the potential of the process in large-scale cereal production.


“Fruitlift has attracted a lot of interest from global food companies since its launch two months ago,” said Michael Katzir Emek, director of international marketing for Gat Foods. “We decided to establish a comprehensive laboratory to better collaborate with customers throughout the product development cycle (from concept to test to final product). We expect to further apply Fruitlift solutions to other food formulations. “

Post time: Jun-10-2019

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