• new product:biological TOFU cat litter

      Our new product, TOFU cat litter boards on the market from Oct. 2018. it is made from edible pea fiber and corn starch. No harmful, No pollution. it is really the new generation to replace to the silicon cat litter,our facebook store will be online soon.    
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  • GMO soybean will enter EU market?

    On July 25, In order to relieve the pressure of  trade ware, US and EU reached agreement in Wangshington, that EU will open the agriculture market and import more soybean. Everyone knows that EU is prohibited for GMO products in food market and also very strictly for animal feed market. Perhaps i...
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  • New Product: Cat Litter (Cat sand)

    Our new product, cat litter (cat sand), is comming soon. this product is made from Pea Fibre and modied wheat starch, no harmful content inside, no polluction. it is really a bio cat litter. After the pets (cat, dog, piglet, snake, etc) excrete stool or urine, it can be easily seperated and clean...
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  • Pea Protein feed grade price is going up

    Affected by the new purchasing orders from the world feed products manufacturers in last week, nearly all the manufacturers’ stocks are empty for pea protein 72%. and the new producing plan are full until Oct 2018. it is sure that the price is also going up for Autumn shipment.
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  • Moving to the new office address

    Dear Customers, we are moving to a new office address as follows: Room 516, Block B, Ocean International Building, 40 Hua Chang Rd., Tianjin China. the new address is sided nearby the subway station, Ocean International Centre Station of Line 2. and it is about 600metres from the old office addr...
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  • Dear customers

    Dear customers

    Please be well known that, The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will have annually summit meeting in Qingdao from Jun 9-10, 2018. Affected by the security and environmental request, most of the manufacturing plants and logistics service will be stopped from the end of of May to June 12, meanwhil...
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