Calcium propionate

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E No:E282

CAS No:4075-81-4

Einecs No:260-133-7

HS Code:2915509000

Specification:FCC,GB powder or Granular

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000kgs
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    E282 can inhibit aflatoxin production, while the yeast harmless, harmless to humans and animals, non-toxic side effects. E282 is the food, brewing, feed, aspects of traditional Chinese medicines, a new, safe and efficient food and feed preservatives. Also in medicine, E282 can be made into powder, solution and ointment in the treatment of skin diseases caused by parasitic fungi.

    Calcium propionate is a new food additive is approved for use by the WHO and FAO secure food and feed preservatives. E282 for mold, yeast and bacteria with a wide range of antibacterial activity.


     1. E282 can be used as food preservatives, bread and cakes for the preservation agent. E282 easily mixed with flour, fresh as a preservative while providing essential calcium, E282(cas number 4075-81-4) play the role of fortified foods.

     2. Calcium Propionate can cause bread to mold and produce sticky silk material aerobic Bacillus inhibit no inhibitory effect on yeast.

     3. Calcium propionate in starch, protein and fat substances on fungi, aerobic spore-producing bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, aflatoxin and other effective, E282 has a unique anti-mildew, anti-corrosion properties.


    Item : Specification -FCC,GB powder or Granular

    Name : Calcium Propionate

    Appearance : White crystalline powder

    Assay(on dry basis) : ≥99.0%

    Molecular Formula : C6H10O4Ca

    Water insoluble matter : ≤0.15 %

    Free acid as Propionic acid : ≤0.11 %

    Free alkali as Sodium Hydroxide : ≤0.06 %

    Fluoride F : ≤0.003 %

    Mg as magnesia : ≤0.4 %

    PH : 7.0 – 9.0

    Moisture(Wt) : ≤8.0%

    Heavy metals (Pb) : ≤0.001%

    Arsenic oxide : ≤0.0002 %

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